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Nicholas Anthony & Associates (NAA), are information gathering and management specialists.  We can attend to your investigation needs Nationwide and get results with our quality, cost effective approach.

Our Services:

Our Points of Difference:

Our investigators’ focus is to provide factual, unbiased evidence that is free of opinion.

Professionally conducted interviews can be taken either in the first person and signed on the spot or audio recorded in a record of interview format; depending on your requirements.

Our investigators are experts at obtaining relevant and admissible evidence via static or mobile surveillance using the latest covert surveillance technology.

All video footage taken is available for download or streaming directly to your PC via our VSS (Video Streaming Service),  within hours of being obtained, eliminating delays and double handling.

NAA Investigators have established excellent rapport with Major Crash Police which allows us immediate, unfettered and exclusive access to their Investigators and the scenes of crashes.

This is crucial to uncovering all available evidence that may be used to determine liability in crashes resulting in death and/or catastrophic injuries.

NAA is able to provide a more customised service and ensure best possible outcomes by focusing on individual case objectives for complex and/or sensitive investigations with our Special Investigations Unit.

This special branch comprises of Investigators and Covert Operatives with more than 20 years individual investigative experience.

Our experienced team of Investigators are experts at identifying and uncovering evidence of deception, especially in the fields of Workers’ Compensation, Life/Income Protection, Bodily Injury resulting from MVA and Travel Insurance.

Our thorough searches include all personal details, employment details/history, reference checking, all known addresses (current and prior), all known aliases, property, business and corporate structures, Electoral searches, relevant motor vehicle searches, Civil and Criminal Courts searches, known associates and much more…

We have a highly skilled team of investigators equipped with powerful database services and internet search engines, uncovering information not known prior.

Our checks include, Death Certificate validation, Cause of Death confirmation, Funeral (Burial/Cremation), verification and Funeral Notice/Media/Social Media checks.

NAA provides a thorough independent investigation into any complex HR & IR complaints around issues concerning workplace aggrievement, sexual harassment, stress & anxiety, wilful misconduct, workplace bullying & equality issues in accordance with legislation and relevant policy provisions.  We also provide debriefing on all cases to affirm objectives are met.

Our team can identify potential claims recoveries and negotiate cost containment in a wide range of insurance claim scenarios.

Our investigators have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and come from a wide range of backgrounds including law enforcement, government and corporate governance.

Our Quality Assurance and File Audit systems ensure that every investigation has been fully completed; that evidence is obtained competently to ensure admissibility and that each report is comprehensive in it’s coverage of what has been done and what has been achieved in the inquiry.  The resulting report is checked for accuracy and legibility and presented to the Client (along with all relevant annexures), in a timely manner.

The result of our QA reviews are also fed back into our training programs; in line with our philosophy of Constant Improvement.

NAA prides itself on having investigators available for any investigation, at any time.

We are frequently the go to investigations organisation when an investigation has to be done right, the first time.

Our fully automated Data Management System (DMS), ensures each new referral is assigned to the best situated, available investigator and then provides that investigator with regular reminders to ensure the investigation is not only begun within 48hours but continuously worked on and completed within the time-frame stipulated by the Client.

Short time frames are our speciality.

We offer our Clients a personalised level of engagement as standard.  Whether you prefer a detailed investigation plan prior to commencement followed by frequent updates or more autonomy on our part –  the choice is yours.

Our organisation’s technology and service delivery sets the benchmark for our Industry.  Our product and system development gives our Clients more options and is cutting edge.  We constantly strive to set higher standards for our Clients and our Industry as a whole.

For example, our Clients can access data and video respectively, via our innovative File Share System (FSS) and Video Streaming System (VSS). This allows our Clients to view any footage at an instant, and assists in making more informed decisions in claims management processes.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the investigations industry, NAA has demonstrated its ability to adapt and change to a constantly changing environment.

Our longevity is due to our philosophy of constant improvement, our ability to adapt the latest technological advancements and our flexible workforce.

Our regional coverage is one of our strengths.  In addition to all capitals, most major regional centres are covered.  In addition, other regions and/or remote locations are also reachable via our investigator network; which in turn  makes investigations in remote areas more cost effect and thus, feasible.

Did you know?

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics Data (2014 – 2015), the most common fraud type was credit card fraud with 1.1 million persons (or 5.9% of the Australian population aged 15 and over) experiencing card fraud.  This is an increase from 2010-11 when the rate was 3.7%.

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