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Our Data Management System (DMS), is our Organisation’s complete referral management system.¬† It provides a full electronic administration process from receipt of referral to closing and invoicing.

Our DMS allows efficient, rapid and accurate transfer of data and information between each database which is essential  within systems such as evidence management, reporting, invoicing and payroll.

Where necessary or desired, our DMS can be made available to our Clients for such purposes as case tracking and secure file uploads and downloads.

Our Clients can also access data and media via our proprietary File and Video Sharing systems.  These systems allow our Clients access to any relevant documentary, video or audio information in an instant allowing for more informed, timely decisions.

These systems are also an excellent means by which relevant information can be shared with third parties such as relevant medical and/or legal service providers.

Our Paperless Office..

.. increases efficiency and saves money. Digital documents are much simpler, easier to store and send, more searchable and more versatile.

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